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Advise Re Supported Internships.

Internships college

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 06:37 AM

Hi I need help please!

My son (ASD, ADHD, Tourettes) is struggling at college and won’t conginue past July. So we are considering a Supported Internship for a year.

From the information I’ve read the college would find a suitable placement and liaise with them to organise it. However, they are pretty useless and I know they won’t put themselves out to find a placement that is relevant to his chose career and say it’s just work experience.

I’m going to contact an independent company to see if they can source the placement instead.

According to information online the day in college each week should include training and support tailor made to his needs. His biggest problem is self motivation, planning and staying on track. Despite meds his attention span is so poor and he can’t look at a blank page or screen and self start and then needs constant prompting to stay on task. So any relevant training would need to include help in this area.

What is really impeding his development is his crippling stutter. He is walking around feeling trapped in his body, unable to be sp9ntaneous and join in because he knows the words won’t come out. Of course he is depressed and has low self esteem too.

Does anyone know, can I call an early review and try and get some targeted support in it? For example can I get a programme of speech therapy? Can I ensure he has targeted and relevant day in college instead of being lumped together with other students who are not as capable.

If I pursue an apprenticeship independently I’ll lose his EHCP and If I can use that to get him soeach therapy I’d rather do that than go the private route because of the costs involved.

Thanks for reading.

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Posted 01 April 2018 - 02:49 PM

Yes, you can request an early review at any time so long as you have good reason.

Ipsea provide information and a model letter here



You should ask for an updated speech therapy assessment to feed into the review. If the assessment says 'needs X program of speech therapy for stuttering' then it should be provided. Also mention that he is at risk of becoming a NEET as LEAs are targeted on the % of NEETs they end up with.

The plan should specify the 'target and relevant' day the college should provide. It is up to the college to actually do this. I suspect that as the college is pretty useless, they won't manage to do what the plan says, and will expect him to fit into whatever they do as standard. So you either accept this or find a more competent provider (easier said than done!)

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#3 imperfect parent

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Posted 03 April 2018 - 07:12 AM

It seems to get harder as our youngsters get older and the gap between the theory of support and reality widens.  It might be worth looking at reasonable adjustment and speaking to the Equality and Human Rights Commission https://www.equality...ce-and-guidanceif you are struggling to get what your son needs.


I've become cynical and can see that for too many it takes much less effort to make support fail than to make it work, not only that it saves some a lot of effort and money.  


There is some excellent support out there, but no guarantee of first getting it, and secondly getting our youngsters to accept it.

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