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Teachers.... Aaagh!

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Posted 14 June 2017 - 10:27 PM

Hi guys to be honest this is an ongoing issue that appears to have no resolve. Will be glad when this terms over but can't honestly can't c things changing at school.

As some of you might be aware school have decided L doesn't meet any if the criteria for an Asd assessment, decided by headteacher and educational psychologist who has never met him going through a questionnaire.

So.... because they've decided he doesn't have it I'm getting no where with the support it's all lip service...

I've been communicating via letter and diary with school when I'm seeing issues and they appear to be ignoring it.

Last week Logan was anxious because they were making smoothies on health week as he has a limited food list he asked me to inform the teacher which I did and I explained all this etc for my son to tell me he was asked to try things anyway. My son felt pressured as part of his anxiety is getting a row at school, he doesn't like doing wrong.

I wasn't pleased but I played it down and praised him for trying ( he said he just oretended to drink it).

Then today he was upset because he got one of the teachers directions wrong and ended up going to the wrong table to complete a task. He received a concequence for this as the teacher believed L was ignoring her on purpose. She took him out in to the hall and gave him a row. L is saying he has breaks taken off him and golden time removed.

I feel that is a bit excessive but l may have embellished it some although he swears he hasn't.

L went through something similar a couple of weeks ago and lost golden time due to getting muddled. That time I wrote a letter and the orivilidge was added back on. L wants me to do the same again, I haven't this time as l can't have him expect consequences to change all the time with my input as it's not teaching him anything, I also don't believe the teacher is interested. So I've said we believe and understand him but at times other people don't and this is where the muddles are comming from.

They've decided theirs nothing wrong so are treating him as such.

I also received an email from school learning support advising the teacher had informed her Logan had said he was struggling with the thought of moving in to primary 5. Now this was weeks ago and she's only just emailing me now with two weeks to go. She stated they do not know his school teacher for next year yet so will arrange a meeting for the first few weeks of school in the new term to see how he's settling in. Like that's going to be off any use.... she advised the teacher will pass on all information.

Sorry I have no faith in that happening for the teacher clearly doesn't understand where Ls needs are.

I hope the paedetrician decides that there still wanting to investigate further because primary 5 is a big step and especially for L with his anxiety levels.

I just wish things were easier and school were on board but I don't see the point this term, hoping next term might bring something different out the pot but not holding my breath.

Sorry guys just needed another rant to people who understand

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 06:50 AM

:hugs2: It's so frustrating, but I totally understand.  I wish I could say it gets better, but it is all a matter of luck.  More than ever schools have less stability of staffing for many reasons, and often there are staff who would like to do things differently for our ASD children, but are unable to.


Let's hope you get a more suitable teacher for L next year.

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Posted 17 June 2017 - 10:47 AM

I think it is so maddening that the school aren't listening, and I really hope you get a teacher next year who is more understanding. 

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 10:01 PM

It's my wee boy I feel for, he's going in to primary 5 which is such a big step up and I worry for him for the expectations also increase.

He manages so well in school but you can see it all takes its toll. He manages because we take the stress and expectation away for him. We know he can't change his environment well so we don't expect him to manage in places he feels uncomfortable, at home we know that he can't eat certain things so we don't go out for food all that often because it causes anxiety, so picnics etc are our style unless it's the couple of places he tolerates, we know the things he needs to sleep, or the one place he feels comfortable going on holiday. We can see when directions have been confused or he's struggling socially. I know my boy....

I feel in my heart that he has possible Asd dx, I hate that school do not trust what I'm saying to be true and in turn almost forcing him to manage in situations that he finds increasingly uncomfortable and without the correct support will inevitably cause anxiety. L has to do right at school for fear of doing wrong is worse so there for that is why they don't see anything. Yet they get him in trouble for missreading direction and think he was ignoring them..... I could scream for him some times.

Thank you for understanding, it just sometimes feels like we're on the Waltsers and we can't get off.

Fingers crossed for next year xx

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