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Contacting mods and admins

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Posted 04 August 2008 - 04:41 PM

As GOM is a little grumpy at the moment (probably my fault for leaving him at home with the children for 2 weeks while I've been gallivanting around the globe :blush: ) I thought a post to clarify how to use and not to abuse your lovely mod team might be in order.

Primarily, the mod team are here to make sure the site runs smoothly and to look at issues that break the terms and conditions on ASDfriendly. This might be a private message that someone has forwarded to us, or it might be something that has been brought to our attention on the ASDf boards.

No one should feel worried about contacting a mod, even if it's to say "I'm not sure if it's against the TOS but it's making me a bit uneasy - could you take a look?"

Quick bits of modding are dealt with directly (typing mistakes, merging threads, letting people know THAT TYPING IN CAPITALS IS SHOUTING and so on) - more serious breaches of rules are dealt with via discussion amongst the mod and admin teams and the people involved.

However, what we don't want is for mods (who like all of us have busy and stressful lives) to be bombarded with PMs and bits of gossip that don't have anything to do with us. Things that happen elsewhere don't have anything to do with us really, so unless it's something like a group of people setting out to do a planned attack on ASDf, then it's none of our business.

Please don't be put off PMing concerns to us, but please do think first - is this something we need to know?

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