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Posted 17 November 2016 - 05:29 PM



I really don't know where to start & I am sorry about the long essay I am about to write. Last year "T" had been downloading a lot of adult gay porn & last summer I came across a coming out video that he had put on his youtube channel saying he was interested in older men (14 at the time) also came across an image that had a young person in with an adult......he said he wanted an adult to do that to him. CAMHS were told then obviously the relevant agencies. Police took his gadgets etc....Long Story but ended up with him having a psychotherapist who dealt with autistic children who displayed sexual harmful behaviours.


We have started the process of looking at "T" options for next September. Currently he is in a ASD school which are doing thier best. But over the last few months everything has deteriated to the point that in school he is adament that a peer has called him a name & he goes into an instant rage & becomes verbally abusive & violent (thrown chairs, bitten) but in reality no-one has said anything...he even has a TA sat with him & he could be doing his work then the next second he's out of his chair raging.


We do have a lot going on with him. We had a CIN meeting yesterday with all the professionals involved (excluding CAMHS...They never come) and even after a 2 & half hours the future focus guy still said that "we need to look at therapies that will enable him to accsess the local providers" even though he is currently seeing a pshcotherapist for sexual harmful behaviour & she said that even after all the work she has done with him he cannot understand the concept of putting himself in danger or even the fact he has no boundries & that he needed 24/7 specialist care & everyone is in agreement with that except future focus.


We are waiting to see if CAMHS will do a new psychological assesment which is being requested by his social worker....when I asked all I got told that he was "obviously further along the spectrum than his initial diagnosis sugessted"


But I still had the person from future focus phone up today wanting to arrange a visit to the local college where they want him to go 3 days a week & then 2 days where he is currently. He would be in the main body of the college with "support".....currently in a class of 6 & can't cope with that!!! I know it's not suitable for him, it will never be suitable for him but do I have to go & look at it. Have been told that if I am going down the specialist route then I need to look at particular website & come up with some ideas!!!!


TBH I don't even think he is going to last this final year in school!!

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Posted 18 November 2016 - 10:23 AM

I would go to the college and have a full and frank discussion with the head of support who have probably been misled by 'future focus',ask for a detailed risk assessment, ask how they are going to keep him safe, ask how they are going to keep the other students safe if he has no boundaries, ask how many other students with sexual harmful behaviour they have supported successfully and why they think they can support T. I suspect once college understand exactly what they are facing they will not take him. If college agree they can't take him then finding him a specialist alternative becomes more possible.

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