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Posted 21 March 2017 - 01:04 PM

Hi just thought I would give a little update. Things just take so long for anything to happen in this process.

Third appointment with paedetrician yesterday who stated school and educational psychologist done a duel acas assessment questionnaire and deemed DS to have no autistic traits therefore will not move forward. Although educational psychologist has never observed my son.

Educational psychologist spoke with school and due to there being no concerns deemed there was no need to be involved even though paedetrician had asked for their input.... very annoying for me. I wrote a detailed email to educational psychology requesting her to reconsider, this was before recent paedetrician app.
Ed psych emailed back asking where I had got her email from and that it is normal to go through school on first instance then went on to say that perhaps a phone discussion would be appropriate to discuss where to go next.

I guess the positive bit is paedetrician is wishing a second opinion from a colleague or an Asd nurse who would observe Logan at school. She can't make the decision herself or should I say isn't comfortable to do so in Ls case.

She did say she doesn't want to say difinstevley yes or no at this point and would rather take it till its end then have the correct answer. L doesn't seem to be clear cut.

Paedetrician did say he appears to be a highly anxious. Hold so this may present as looking like traits off Asd but isn't.

I assume from this that the paedetrician sees enough to warrant a further investigation but not enough clear cut information to over rule school her self. So we're going to by psss school altogether now and just consibtrste on Ls academics with them and hope the paedetrician gets her second opinion.

Either way I just want to start moving forward one way or another on the best interest of L dx of Asd or not. All I'm looking for is the correct input for my child what ever that may look like.

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 08:16 AM

We had this delay with both our boys.  We managed to get a second opinion for DS1, but mindful of the time that took decided on a private assessment for DS2; that moved our local team off the fence they had firmly clung to.


Too many people think that parents are looking for a label and funding eg DLA, but the reality is that the majority of parents are looking for signposting to the right support.


The daily things that parents can do for anxiety doesn't really differ whether the dx is anxiety disorder or ASD; the real issue is again that too many people do not recognise anxiety and how to manage it which leads to criticism of parents.  When it comes to CBT it really needs to be differentiated for ASD, but there is so much than can be done before and alongside CBT.


Just remember that it is the child at htis moment in time that is important.  Even those with an ASD DX present very differently, and will develop very differently.  Some youngsters I know appeared very severely impacted in primary, but have managed through mainstream, and others appeared less severely affected, but became more anxious and disabled in teenage years.  there is no way of predicting how a child will develop, we can only do our best to support them in the moment and enable independence at the child/young person's pace.

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Posted 26 March 2017 - 09:49 PM

Thank you for your reply. I'm just so over the wait now to even get on the waiting list/ Asd pathway.

Just worry about the impact his anxiety is having on him although we manage it the best we can..

Our funny little guy went to watch power rangers with his dad at the cinema at the weekend. When he came home he asked what autism was as there's an autistic power ranger apparently?

So I went on to explain as best I could about there brain working differently to others etc then discussed traits etc. To my astonishment L identified with them and told me he always felt different that he could have autism.

Even if it isn't he clearly feels different from his friends, bless x

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