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Anxiety Question School Related

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Posted 26 January 2017 - 09:13 AM

Hi L came home yesterday quite anxious later found out it was because he had been picked to resite a Scottish Poem to his assembly he's primary 4 so it would be to the upper school.

To let you get the picture L hates Rabbie burns poems he doesn't understand the language and the need to talk in this way, he feels more comfortable saying the words correctly. Anyway we supported him and helped him pick a poem to learn although he wouldn't let us help further.

Yesterday he recited his poem to the class I was chuffed he got it done, the problem being he was then picked to recite it again tomorrow.

The teacher I guess is trying to boost his self esteem and use a strength which is his speech, Logan is a very clear concise talker. And I normally wouldn't intervene as I feel it s a skill that will help him later on to learn how to cope with talking in front off people.

However his anxiety has picked so I wrote a letter to the teacher asking if he could be excused from this task. I feel he's already spoke it once in front of the class I don't see what putting him in to further anxiety would teach him.

I guess my question is am I right in doing this? Or have I just made a rod for my own back with future instances at school that he thinks he doesn't have to do.

The week before his nativity at Christmas he almost shut down with anxiety but I supported him through it and he completed his part because he had other people relying on him. ( very proud moment as it was an 18 lined part).

I've noticed because he's so confident at school there using this more and more but now I'm recognising what I thought was confidence too might not be it might actually be his need for control Aswell as his formal speech and his anxiety to do well at school. L suffers social anxiety with a fear off getting things wrong in front off people rather than the talking out.

He's always appeared very confident, always the first to talk to other children and interact with them, first to raise his hand in class and never frightened to say what he thinks. I'm not so sure this is confidence though looking back.

This side of L is also the side that is confusing the teachers that are assessing his behaviour as they see a social confident boy with a peer group and are not looking at Asd behaviours.

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