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Things Just Not Going Well At All

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Posted 12 July 2016 - 10:07 PM

It's been a very tough 10+ weeks here, T is still struggling massively he is no longer functioning at all. School are still not acknowledging it all and have been in contact with GP and Cahms and had ago at both when they have reference school and accessing education being the problem, him having any form of learning difficulties. Has one GP said at a meeting last week he was given a bollocking from school when he done a letter of support for him not being in attendance and said school need to do more and referenced his learning difficulties, said letter was refused by school, no dr's notes are being supplied by them either so at the moment his attendance is being unauthorised. Cahms too won't reference school and are very cautious in what they put even though they too feel school and accessing education is the problem and he needs specialist setting a EHCP.
2nd application for EHCP for him is ready but school have advised they will send the same info even though I feel some of it is not showing a true picture, they are def hiding something!!!

Things are not going well with G and for the second time in 3 months I have had to call SS and ask them to find him alternative accommodation. Today I get a email saying they may have found somewhere, at the moment he is away in France for 2 weeks so I am having some respite. I have yet to get him to agree on where he wants to go for placement/college but that is another story. His lying has increased and getting worse I am unsure if I can trust him anymore.

Shaun has started his placement yesterday after funding was agreed last week. He was so chuffed when we went to visit last week it was like he has been there all the time he has been out (1 year exact). It's going to take time to get him into the pace of things and getting his motivation and stimulation back but I am prepared for it. He is due tomorrow to see GP after a 12 week battle to get him seen has health wise he is deteriorating, he has put on a fair bit of wait in the last year that he is getting tired and exhausted quicker. His sleep pattern is still non existent and psychologist has confirmed today he has been discharged has his sleep issues have got in the way of accessing her help for his sleep issues , 🤔.
R has a taster day at same placement has Shaun and they are aware they have to be kept apart at all times, S and G's SW is trying to see if she can do a internal referal for him and secure funding also. He is getting quite bored now since being pulled out of college Feb 2016.

K has now left school and struggling, still have not got anywhere in getting him referred for assessment but on a good side he in the last stages of NCS programme which he has loved so far. It's been great seeing him go out and try new things and if dose of you are not aware K has rarely gone out in 5+ years outside school.

L leaves primary school next week and he is so unsure of things right now, he did have a surprise of his guide being back at work today (after a crash in which herself and minibus driver 5/6 weeks ago), he has struggled with this has she has been his guide since he started the school and driver for past 2 years.

J well After today I am not sure what's going on, had parents evening tonight and teacher informs me that there are some concerns has his progress is very small past few years and his abscences (which she has denied all school year are there) and his demeanour is preventing progress. His attention is short and limited and hard to get back when gone. I am trying to understand this but struggling. I have raised concerns over a year ago about possible ADHD and so far school have said they have not had the questionnaire.

With all that's going on I am trying my hardest to stay strong and get through it all but am struggling too, life is hard, it's a long bath,e to get the help and support our kiddos need and tbh it shouldn't be. I am very frustrated with everything it's hard to comprehend the struggle and battle I am undertaking right now even though I understand why it's needed the battle itself to get the help and support they desperately need is what we all could do without. The cracks are starting to appear and I am not liking the path I am following.
Sorry to sound so grim just finding it all so hard.

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 02:09 PM

It seems as if T's school has a huge amount of power if they are influencing the GP and CAMHS.


I am convinced that in our struggle to get help for ds1, the education budget was very influential. 

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