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Special School Reports For Review

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Posted 24 September 2015 - 01:00 PM

DS 9 started Special School this term. Our EHCplan review is due in February so I asked the SENCO will DS have a new Ed Psych report as it will be over 18 months old then. The reply was that they would look into it.

Which made me think I want all new reports done. What are the schools duties? What reports should they do and how often.

I am talking about:
Sensory Needs
Speech and Language
Occupational Therapy
Educational Psychology
DS's eating
amongst many others

It's the only proof they have actually done any work with my son.

In the past it has been quicker to go to tribunal for all the various reports. Do I have to go down this route for every review?

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Posted 26 September 2015 - 12:02 PM

All I can tell you is my experience.


When we had our EHCP done we were trying to get LE into a specialist independent school so County brought in their EP and SALT (it was an obvious move on their part to bring in the big guns to fight us on our placement) to 'assess' him.


The EP 'assessment' consisted of her standing OUTSIDE the closed classroom door and staring in at him for 5 minutes at the most his LSP told us afterwards. She was shocked. The SALT assessed him on something he had no difficulty with and not what had been agreed at the Annual Review. She then completely discharged him.


We then had to get our own private reports done EP and SALT which clearly showed his severe difficulties. County's EP and SALT were then put under pressure to stop acting unprofessionally and they were very reluctant to disagree with our professionals as it was THAT obvious that LE did have great difficulties. He actually now goes to a school which specifically deals with children who have speech problems.


I have found that County bring in their people pretty much to save money and discharge. Then I've had to go off and get private reports done. It's happened every single time.


It has only been through getting private reports that we have managed to get LE support and now eventually the right school for him.

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Posted 26 September 2015 - 06:29 PM



Reading between their lines. I am guessing we will have to go to tribunal to secure an EP report for DS. We would have expected one for DS when he was transitioning schools but this did not happen even then.


Both my children have only ever seen the EP under tribunal conditions as the County seems to be so short on EP time. That they are only ever likely to.


It has taken us six years to get DS into special education missing out on precious early intervention.


Best wishes,

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 08:39 PM

Are you happy with the school and provision? Are you happy with what help your DS is getting? 


What Eggman is suggesting is correct - they only tend to get Ed Psych's in when either something is going very wrong (and school say they can no longer cope) or when a parent is pushing for something expensive.


And as that means their reports won't generally be helpful to you, leaving things alone is the best option, if things are going well. However, that said, if your DS is getting any kind of therapy e.g. SALT, reports should be done for the Annual Review anyway - that is a report, not necessarily an assessment. You can do a Data Protection request to the school, if you think it is necessary to get anything they have on your son e.g. any reports you might not have seen or case notes. Independent assessments are very expensive, but you could have them done if you really wanted, but if all is well, I think reports from the SALT etc will be fine. If they try to change things at his Annual Review and you are not happy, you can always go to appeal then and get assessments done?

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