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Posted 11 August 2010 - 08:15 PM

I'm Kristina, I'm 31 and live in sunny Essex. :)

I met Matt where we previously worked and have been together for 5 years but we're not married... yet (there has been talk of it recently). ;)

We have two children. Georgia 4, diagnosed with ASD in May 2009. She is completely non-verbal but certainly a character and a happy beautiful little girl. She will be starting mainstream school in September.

Then there is Charlie 2, he is NT but a very mischievous, cheeky little monkey who definitely does the talking for both of them (sometime I think he is a little old man trapped in toddler's body). :D

I work part time (3 days a week) as a PA for a building consultancy in London (extremely boring) but I'm looking into starting college soon to work my way towards an NVQ3 in Childrens care, learning and development, I would one day hope to work with children with special needs.

I don't really do much else apart from being a mum and working but when I can, I get out and run, I'm currently in training for the Great North Run (I must be mad but it's for a good cause), in fact I have just got back from a 4.5 mile run! :blink:

I joined this site just over a year ago and it has been one of the best things I have done, the support, advice and friendship has been fantastic and I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without it. :excellent

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maximus prime

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 08:39 PM

Oh where to start, I'm Donna (no surprise there :lol: ) I'm 42.In my previous life (before autism) I was a civil servant.I was actually a really poor civil servant, I was scatty and disorganised and I hated hearing of people's difficulties and tragedies and found it hard making decisions that I knew would cause people real hardship.

I've been married to dh for nearly 22 years which isn't bad considering we married in a rush because my grandparents and dh's parents thought it improper to have two children out of wedlock :rolleyes:

Adam my eldest has dyspraxia although he seemed to have got better with the clumsiness as he stopped growing he is still forgetful, inattentive and disorganised in the extreme. He is laid back and easygoing and has always been able to laugh at his difficulties so has lots of friends and is very sociable.

Ben is the livewire, a bit geeky, gifted mathematically, ambitious, competitive and lives life in the fast lane. People are drawn to him and wherever I go people ask me about Ben.I think Ben has a lot of the positive autistic traits he is focussed, determined, logical, methodical and a meticulous eye for detail but he has no social difficulties in fact just the opposite.

Rosie is 17 and sixth form studying Maths, Further Maths, History and Economics.She is expected to study Maths at Cambridge next year so a high flyer and not really expected as she struggled academically until she was 9 or 10. She is very girly and flighty and doesn't actually come across as a serious student at all.She is in the most part lovely and definitely a Daddy's girl.

Jack, changed my life and made me who I am now I think.I was very ill with pnd after Jack was born and for quite a while too.Jack was horrendous but I loved him with a passion I had never felt before. He taught me an awful lot, I had always been someone who wouldn't say boo to a goose, didn't like to cause a scene and had a lot of respect for professionals both in health and education.

With Jack I learnt to be a warrior, I learnt to be ruthless, I learnt that some professionals didn't really deserve the title and I learnt to trust my instincts and feel confident that I knew Jack best and knew what he needed.

Jack is my pride and joy, I have cried more tears and felt more joy in his lifetime than I ever knew possible.I was told at three he would never be independent and I am just about accepting that now.

Lucy was a bit of a surprise to say the least, I cried every day of my pregnancy and hid it from the outside world. So much so that when people saw me with Lucy in the pram they asked whose baby she was.

I like to think she came for a reason. Jack benefited enormously from having a baby sister he learnt to be gentle (he has never been rough with Lucy) he learnt to wait and he can be kind and affectionate with Lucy even though he isn't with anybody else.

She has been a bit of a project for me. I managed to avoid the mistakes I made with Jack and I perfected the things that worked and I am optimistic that her future is much brighter than her dx suggests.

So that's me and mine look forward to knowing more about you all too.

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Upsy Daisy


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Posted 11 August 2010 - 09:25 PM

I’m 42(!!!!) and have been married to DH for 15 years. I’ve worked in loans and mortgage administration and spent 10 years as live-in support for young people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. We moved to our village 10 years ago since when I’ve been a childminder.
I had made it to halfway through year two of a Foundation Degree in Early Years when I had to put it all on hold to sort out school provision for Pony Girl as she stopped attending at Easter. I’m hoping to be allowed to step back in next Easter with the following cohort and finish in Dec 2011. I know lots of you clever people out there have been doing MAs and things alongside the battles with professionals but academic writing isn’t a strong point of mine so everything takes me endless hours to get up to scratch.

Since finding out that Pony Girl has AS I’ve realised that I have a lot of the traits too and it feels good to have an explanation for feeling like I’ve never quite ‘got’ what was going on around me and for having spent most of my time at school trying to find ways to get away from my peers. Internet forums are a really good way for me to communicate and I spend lots of time on here and a couple of others, particularly one for Early Years Practitioners.

DH works all over the place selling computers and equipment to people who fix cars (yes the girls got some of their AS-ness from him too).

Pony Girl spends every waking moment (and there are lots of them!) she can with horses and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to use some of the DLA she’s just been awarded to pay for a shared pony loan so she can ride more.

Puppy Girl is obsessed by dogs and books. She’s spent four hours this afternoon reading the 12 books we got from the library this morning. So much for the time I’d put on one side to spend with her – should have known better. We can’t afford to get a dog for her just now but we’ll see.

Neither of my girls needs people much.

I joined ASDF when I was told/worked out that Pony Girl had AS at Easter and I love it because it reassures me that I haven’t made it all up, my girls do deserve help and that I’m not the inept parent so many people have assumed me to be.

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 09:57 PM

I'm Phobia , I first came to ASDF after my son was restrained at school, He had been very sick that Winter with a kidney disorder and put on a high dose of steroids which made it virtually impossible for him to keep his usual control at the time I joined neither of my children had dx's, so ASDF has been here for me through every step of the process ,

before he became sick i was the area manager for a large London based cleaning company and covered their Oxfordshire clients, I also ran my own little cleaning company part time with my husband :)

I have five children , the older two both have dx's of AS , both of them were perfectly normal births, my younger 3 children were all prem babies, one of them didn't make it to the hospital and popped out seven week's early in the car.

Pb - a pedantic little man with dimples to die for
Miss-fit - she's always in control and the funniest little lady , a skinny mini and is crowning into a beautiful lady
Annie- The boss, petite yet deadly with it
Soso- Miss laid back and chilled , always smiling and always See's the bright side
Tinky monster - My spoiled precious little bundle , the baby of the family and she knows it :)

My oldest two are the ones with AS, Annie the middle one has traits but is socially aware and so sharp she could cut herself , the younger two are my little princess and rule us all with their beautiful smiles.

I am a very isolated person partly through choice and partly because after years of critical comments about my children I found it easier to take a back seat, we have called this summer the summer of fun as my children have been able to socialize with other families from ASDF , in particular the lovely Pip and lux :)

I have taken almost 3 years out from working to ensure that the kids are in the right placements and now have a specialist school placement sorted for miss-fit and fingers crossed one almost sorted for PB, I have to say that as much as I have loved the time with my kids I am now more than ready to be working again, I went back to work with each child within four weeks of them being born, even after tinky monster lol

In the last few years I have learned how to fight for my family, the value of friendship and support but most of all I have learned to be very proud of all that is mine :) , I love my children , my husband and our lives and am proud of who we are as family .
In person I am quiter than I am on line, I have a fair few traits myself and am more phobic with food than either of my children, I am very proud that I am driving on moterways etc again after years of being too scared to after a crash in 2004.

Well thats me and mine , love this thread MM :)
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Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:14 PM

Is it my turn?

I'm Kathie, and I'm 39. I have 3 1/2 weeks left of still being in my 30's and I'm hanging on to them with both hands!

I wanted to be a singer/actor for as long as I can remember, but did the sensible thing and joined the civil service after finishing school (following 6 months for Harmsworth Publishing...sorry!). I didn't fancy Uni, and wasn't ready for drama school. I took several short-term singing jobs (mostly in opera & musical theatre) whilst I worked as a Fraud Officer in the Employment Service in East London, but seeing the 'worst' in people day in day out, was quite depressing and I found myself becoming someone I didn't recognise.

On the day I resigned I got a 12 month contract playing various parts in the mediaevil banquets by the Tower of London, which is where I met DH. He was wearing stripy tights and playing the mandolin. I was smitten. We got engaged two months after we got together, and have now been married for 13 years. We fit. I make sense because of him.

Five years and several contracts later Boo joined us. I'd already decided to take a bit of a back seat from performing, and developed my singing teaching. With Boo's diagnosis came the realisation that shooting off on tour every few months was not going to be an option, but I absolutely love teaching singing, and can still take the occasional contract, and when we get baby-sitting I love going to DH's gigs and often get to sing.

I've recently started a new theatre company with 4 friends (including DH, and Fuina). Our first gig was at Guilfest last month, and we're working on developing it to include an ASD-friendly Youth Theatre. We ran a 3-day Summer School last week, with 1/5 of the children being on the Spectrum. We are also writing something that we're hoping to take to the Edinburgh Festival next year.

Boo is bright as a button (a lovely shiny pink button, probably), with complex emotional needs. She is funny, clever, full of joy and I love every inch of her. As most of you know we are waiting to hear whether the LEA have agreed with our choice of school for September or not. Watch this space!

I have learnt so much since joining ASDf. I feel part of a wonderfully supportive community, and have met some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever known. Long may it continue.

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:20 PM

As most of you know I'm Jo. I'm just hitting 30 so still a pup. I've been married to my DH since I was 18 and we live with our girls in South Wales.

I've worked numerous jobs, had my own company and then had children and decided to concentrate on them, while Hubby concerntrated on his within the police force as a civilian. I'm currently studying a number of short college courses, think I've done 5 this year so far. I've been approached by my Tutor to go for a Tutor Support role for Septemeber, with a look out to become a Tutor myself, she'll train me up on the job, whilst I do other short courses to get the qualifications and knowledge needed.

We have three daughters together.

Becca our eldest who would be 11, who sits in the clouds, she saddly passed away for unknown reasons, she had probable Downs and an ASVD heart defect, but Dr's can't tell us why she died :( Her short life taught us more about ourselves and our lives than anything. Life is about holding on tight to what we love, life is a precious gift, don't waste it being bitter and angry, live it as best you can.

Next we had El, she's just turned 8. She has mid range ASD, a Severe Expressive and Receptive Communication Disorder, behaviour issues, probable Dyslexia (bein tested next year, reading age of 5), Asthma, Allergies, ENT issues, hearing impairment due to wax and fluids........ well the list goes on and on as you can see, but right now she's 100% fit and healthy which is a first for a long time. El attends a brilliant SALT Unit and will stay there until she is 11, she was previously in a SN Unit where she just floundered about, finding and getting this placement was a God Send. :)

Then we have our little Sospot, she's 5 going on 25 in her head, unfortunately due to El, being the way El is, she's had to grow up fast and it's sadly impacted her. Sos has anxiety and OCD issues, she also has eating issues that are progressively getting worse, she's under CAMHS and a Paed, but we're getting nowhere fast atm. She's a real girly girl, has to choose her own clothes, hair style, loves make up and fuss, she goes weak at the knees for pink and the boys from HSM and Twilight, in all she's an exact opposite of El, who's a right old tom boy.

We have 3 pets, 1 g-pig Pixel who's 3, he was widowed in Feb. 1 budgie Taffy, who's a ripe old age of 9 and a grumpy old sod to boot. And 1 Senegal Parrot Paulie who's just 4 months old so still a baby considering he'll live until he's 40!!! :blink: He's fast becoming El's best friend and compainion when he's not chasing me about the house.

In a nut shell thats us I think. PS Pip is right Wales = Very Wet and Windy!!!

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:30 PM

In a previous life I was an RE and Philosophy teacher in the sort of schools where "bad behaviour" meant wearing non-regulation socks and not fastening your top button.

That's well worth knowing, I'm studying philosophy part-time at university ... now I know whose brain to pick when I get stumped. :blush:

#23 Chris B

Chris B

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:46 PM

Here we go...
I've been here a while
I hit 54 last month, and was formally diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome ("Solidly Asperger's" as the Doctor put it when I asked) five years ago.
Three years ago I had to give up a 30 year career in Optometry because I couldn't put the professional face on any more: the difference between me and how I had to be at work got too great. I've fought depressive illness for a quarter of a century, and it's bad currently.
Getting diagnosed gave insight into that, and why I'd never got married or hardly had a girfriend long enough to mention, along with other situations where I've always felt or been an outsider.

Thus I grew up with my ASD unrecognised, allowed for or supported. Childhood and school wasn't that much fun, and more difficult as I got older, but I left school with 11 O levels and 3 A levels so was marked off as a "success".
I was very much the quiet, withdrawn "little professor" type of Asperger's: we vary a lot.

Me, I'm much better at words and language than many, but worse at relationships and emotions, though I've learned work-arounds that pass well in most social and work situations.
Single-channel communication on the internet has also been a boon.

Oh, and I do a lot of odd things with model railways.
That made for a moment of fun when being diagnosed: you could hardly get a more typical special interest for a male Aspie!
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Posted 11 August 2010 - 11:15 PM

Ok my turn

I'm Munchkin been around for 5 years on the forum.

I have Autism.

Diagnosed just after my 3rd birthday much to my parents dislike!

I was nonverbal till 5 then nothing that made sense till 7/8 really. Now I can talk for England but I do have issues with expressing myseld verbally and when stressed with word finding.

I live my life by rules, routines and PECS and I do ok.

Living skills are a nightmare for me, can't cook, can't cross a road, can't tie shoe laces.

Constantly fighting SS for support. Will get there in the end.

I go to a day service 2.5 days a week and love it (most of the time).

I also work (voluntary) 3 afternoons a week for a fab company.

I like chatting on MSN, playing games on Facebook and the odd bit of art.

Diagnosis wise I have Autism, Epilepsy, Asthma and a few other bits.

This forum is kind of my safe place and home, dont really have local friends or family.

Long term plans? To be as independent as possible, get the support I need and excel at my job that I love so much (but must stop working at 2am LOL)

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 01:01 AM

It is very nice getting you know you all.

My name is Paula and I'm 36. I live in Oxfordshire with my husband Jerry and our 5 children. I origanlly come from Essex and moved here after meeting my husband through an internet site about 7 years ago. I love photography and try to get out with my camera when ever I get a chance to. I went back to college as a mature student so I could get a HND in photography. I do a few freelance jobs, but hope to start our business sometime in the future when the kids are bit older.(Free time)lol.

I worked in a special needs school for a year, then moved onto a community home for adults with learning difficulties. I loved my job, which was both rewarding and extremely challenging at times. I left there when I had my eldest son who is going to be 10 on Monday. I have done a few other jobs, but alas I don't get the time to work anymore. I gave it up when K got dx.

My oldest son Cal is NT and is quite bright, he does love his lists and can become obsessive at times. (Match Attak Cards). He had a bout of pneumonia during the easter break, he was extremely brave. Corr did he scream when they had to remove the plaster that held his chest drain.

My dd Jo is 7 and is a proper lady who likes her makes up and pretty dresses. Dreading the teenage years already, shes always right.lmao. She is extremely bright and very lucky to still be here after getting meningitis/osteomyelitis through an ear infection in 2008, took 6 months for her treatment.

My ds Ki is 5 was dx in 2007 with Autism/SLD. He is completely non verbal, but very mischievous and cheeky. He has been attending a special needs school since he was 2 and a half. He seems to enjoy going and looks out for the bus each morning.He is a very special boy and has been sent to test us everyday. lol. He will going to school in his uniform come September. He has got extremely bright red hair so very hard to loose him in a shop.( I did try) kidding.

My little O will be 3 in December and has been dx with global development day (12-18 mth old). We are expecting him to go to MS school, at the moment he attends a nursery to help bring him on. They are currently putting in a statement so that when he does start school he will have the support he needs. They are funding a 1-1 at the moment where he is.

Alice is 11 weeks old and has found her thumb. lol She is doing well and just seems to slot in with the others.

I first joined this site after my hubby pointed me in the right direction, he was lurking for a year before I even looked at this site. I joined this site a year after K got dx and glad I did. I don't post very often but often be found in the chat room with a few other regular members who seem to be intent on corrupting us all, I wont name namess. :whistle

I am totally addicted to this site, there is so much help and support to who ever needs it.

Thanks GOM and Miss Mac, also to those who help run this site. :applaud


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Posted 12 August 2010 - 06:42 AM

I'm not old, in fact I'm younger than Twinkle :angel . I've been married to Mr. BK for 23 years and we live in Lancashire.

S Our oldest boy is 16, he's just left school and is waiting for his GCSE results. Come September, he will (all being well) enrol at a local Sixth Form College to start his A-Levels. He is NT and bright, but dyspraxia has been an abiding issue for him, rubbish handwriting and the organisational skills of a goldfish.

T is 8 and autistic with severe learning difficulties. He is non-verbal and currently in nappies 24-7. But he's a happy go lucky cheeky sort of fellow and enjoys life to the full. He's recently re-discovered swimming after becoming afraid of the water 18 months ago. And as we are on holiday at the moment with a pool on site, he is having a ball. :) He attends a wonderful autism specific special school, which is run by our LEA. I've been a Governor there for two years and from the autumn will be vice-chair.

Mr. BK has been a stay at home Dad since S was born; he spends his days running the household, reading extremely weighty and serious history books, grumbling about the state of the country and levelling up his World of Warcraft characters.

I've always been the main family breadwinner (even before we went down to one income). From taking a degree in Philosophy, I spent a few years waitressing and managing bars and restaurants. Fancied a change in my mid twenties and got myself accepted onto a trainee financial management scheme in the NHS. I qualified as an accountant three years later and have been plying that trade ever since. For the past five years I have been Finance Director of an FE college (a wonderful institution, but not the one that S has chosen to go to :glare: ). Work is always challenging and often stressful, but I love it really.

I've always loved music, did all sorts at school, let it slide in my twenties and thirties but three years ago I joined a local choral society. It's fantastic fun and I wouldn't give it up for anything now. I sing soprano and they let me do solos every now and again.

I've been a Christian for twenty years and am very involved in my local church. T comes with me (they are fantastic with him) but Mr. BK is pretty agnostic and indifferent and S is not keen either at the moment.

Oh, and I love to knit.

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 07:40 AM

I'm Clare - I'm 33 and have been on the forum for coming up to 5 years i guess.

I have been married for 11 years this Saturday :D and we have a 7 year old son who was dx with classic autism when he was 2. He goes to a SN unit locally but will hopefully be moving next year to a different SN school about 10 miles away.
J is very sporty and loves all sports esp football swimming and snooker.

I work in A&E, hubby is a bespook kitchen designer and we have just bought a new house when needs a compleat refurb. We are at the moment all squashed into my parents house while we transform our wreck of a house into a beautiful home. ( this is my excuse for being rather quiet on the boards. )

At the moment, we are enjoying every moment of the summer holidays, and have been keeping busy!

#28 miami girl

miami girl

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 08:18 AM

Hi I am Miami Girl, and in my late 30*s (OMG). I have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls so I am a real life Mrs Brady lol.

My eldest dd is 18 this year and she is studying a levels, my next dd is 16, she is awaiting her gcse results, she is going to college as she wants to be a sn teacher.

My eldest son is 14, 6ft and towers over me, then my youngest dd is 9 and a little charecter.

I have 2 sn sons, the first is 5 and he has gdd, and then there is littlun he is 4 with a dx of severe autism.

Both will be going to the same sn school from September where I know they will thrive.

Having some spare time during the day from then will seem weird for me as for nearly 18 years I have had a child with me all the time.

I have decided to have some time to do something for me, I want to tackle my weight which I am doing slowly and I may decide to do a college course although not sure what I want to do exactly lol.

I had my eldest 3 with my now ex husband, and has nothing to do with them for a very long time which suits me, I have the youngest 3 with my current husband, who I have been with for 12 years next month, he is my rock, and is completely onside with this autism, which is a bonus.

We do manage to find time out together occassionally, and we are in the process of sorting out going away for a weekend, after my 16 year old dd, offered to have the boys with the help of my Mum.

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 08:20 AM

I'm Emmamoo, and I'm 31. I'm a single mum and live in Kent with my 2 children, Matthew who is 5 and HFA and Joseph who is currently 4 months and beaming at everyone (the happiest child ever!) and our dog Jack (who's just this morning ripped wallpaper off...little sod)

Matthew had a dx in November 2007 when he was 3, and although we had a rocky start at his first school last September (accompanied by screaming, biting, hitting, you get the picture...) we changed schools as we moved house, and also the first school were useless, his current school have managed him well, throwing IEP's at us and generally really enjoying him. He doesn't have a statement, as the Ed Board declined as he's 'improving' in their eyes. But we do all right so far.

Joseph is 4 months old. After a rather laaaaarge pregnancy, I think everyone waited impatiently the day I went into hosp for me c-section. He's the most gorgeous little bundle of joy (so was Matthew, though) who seems to grin at anyone who pays him the slightest bit of attention. At 4 months old has managed the word 'hiya'.

I seem to be a jack of all trades. I was teaching pole dancing and fitness classes until I had Joseph, so just waiting for that to start again. I also do face painting, which has been going really well this year. But aside from those part timers, I recently got a job in a school volunteering twice a week, as I am on a course to do LST/TSL whatever its called - I just want to work around my children. I've also offered to work along side children with learning disabilities. They've put me in with Y3 and Reception.

As a family we enjoy camping, going out for dinner, Matthews fave is Frankie and Benny's and taking our dog Jack out for walks by the lake.

There you go. There's our little unit.

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 10:27 AM

I'm not old, in fact I'm younger than Twinkle :angel .


I'm working on having a body half my age....

He's just got to be tall, dark and handsome.B)

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