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The Re-Introduction Thread

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#31 lennie len

lennie len

    How many posts? Get a life!

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 10:38 AM


I am me.

We have ASD in the family.

Two adult nieces dx with Aspergers and many undx suspects.

I have a husband awaiting dx.

A 19 year old with autism traits and two nearly 6ft teenage boys with ASD.

I have a mind that is bulging and popping with too many issues to mention, tra la la, hence the not popping on here too much.

I have distanced myself away from family as I am sure my problems are 




And probably that's why I have taken myself away from here too.

#32 imperfect parent

imperfect parent

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 09:46 PM

Nicely said Lennie, good to see you again.

#33 footy mum

footy mum

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 01:19 PM

Hi all, 


Long time since I've been here. Just been searching for revision help for kids with Aspergers and you all popped up on Google!


So glad to see so many familiar names and its great to read all the updates. 


As for my update, I am still the lone female in house of 5. I now hold the title of the shortest member of the family too, by quite some margin....

M is the tallest at nearly 6ft and still likes those strong bear hugs we had when he was younger. Little bit more life threatening for me now when I'm hugged by him - doesn't know his own strength!


As for everything else not much has changed. Footy still plays a major part in the boys life and I get to sweep up all those little black bits of rubber from the 3G pitches and the mud from the fields on a daily basis. So, with four or five footy kits to wash each week as well I think I'll keep my member name for now!


My original search was for ways to help M with revision techniques as he is half way through Y10 and things are getting tough. So, I'll get back to reading the posts from you lovely people and pinch a few ideas.

#34 frantic-mum


    extremely frantic now

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 08:10 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm frantic-mum, can't remember when i found this site (so glad i did though)
I abdicated a while ago when things began to get better and now I've popped back to catch up, update etc.

My son was diagnosed with AS at the age of 6, he's now 16, still in the same indie special school that he started at 6yrs ago.

I have a daughter who is now not coping well with life and is thinking of trying to get assessed for ASD.

We've had more than a fair amount of problems over the years with our LA and that is still happening.

#35 Princess Leia

Princess Leia

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Posted 13 May 2017 - 06:12 PM

Hi, I'm Princess Leia, although my son has now progressed from Star Wars!
I joined when my son was diagnosed about 10 years ago, he is now almost 16, puberty is making life interesting, as are the pressures of looming GCSE's. Add to that mix my younger son who is 14 and struggling with anxiety, OCD and depression.

I finally got enough confidence to do some voluntary work about 18 months ago with my area Parent Carer Forum and now have part time with the LA to help to coordinate the forum - and I love this job! It's term time only, it's flexible and I can be around for my boys when they need me.

Battling with EHC paperwork, battling with CAMHS, helping others do the same.
I have been following on Facebook but finding it hard to follow with so many posts now.
This forum saved my life, when I thought no one else was out there.

Great to be back, I cannot believe I remembered my password!

#36 PAC


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 12:11 PM



It is quite nice to be back, hope a few more people do start coming back now, this is a real useful tool as can pull up searches from archives. Facebook not quite the same for me, I see few post now and again but lots I do miss too. So don;t think I have been ignoring anyone for not replying. 


I found this forum about 10 years ago when middle child was dx at 2, can certainly say it has been a roller coaster ride for sure. Would say my knowledge of autism and the system has greatly increased and still learning. As now all 5 of my children are dx.


My middle son is in a lovely local specialist school, writing his name. Communication app on I pad they have just introduced for him, he 12 now, still non verbal but manages to let us know what he likes and dislikes.


My oldest is doing A levels and is working hard. He wants to do Math's degree at uni. So proud of his achievements. Now the visits to uni are going to be underway. Still playing Ice hockey.


My dd who is now 14, is talented artist and likes to sing and dance still. Just gets on with life.


O my youngest boy is doing fine at MS, encylopedic knowledge on lego mini figures. He likes to remove the heads and will still know who they are without the body attached.


A my youngest is the one struggling school, just going through EHCP for her, my hats go off to all the parents who have already been to this battle ground. As I very daunted by what lays ahead, but not so scarred as how I have a read a lot of what members have been through.


She is fine at home, not so good at school and has just been excluded. 


Hope everyone else is well



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