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Private Psychiatrist - Any Recommendations?

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Posted 21 December 2015 - 02:58 AM

Hi guys

Firstly I have to apologise that I have not been around for ages. Life has been kicking my butt over the past couple of years in the form of Lupus and chemo - but hey I'm getting there, I'm doing so so and trying to get to some form of normality lol.

I hope you have all been keeping well 😊.

I desperately need some help and advice if possible? I need to know if anyone knows of a private psychiatrist in the West Yorkshire area that is any good for my teenage daughter?

She has seen various Consultants over a period of 3 years then was referred to CAHMS and has been seeing them for over 12 months - they are utterly useless and are making her extremely anxious and worse - she begs not to go. She has undergone the ADOS and scored 0! Then I get told that she has traits of Autism and OCD - after trying to stab herself! They think she has extreme anxiety issues. She hears voices and sees shapes like shadows, but according to CAHMS she does not have psychosis even though this is the definition of psychosis. She can be extemely violent and is very explosive mood wise - she is very Jekyll and Hyde. She has depressive episodes and manic energy episodes. She is totally exhausting and she cannot cope with anything. She can go for 2 days on 2 hours sleep. I cannot get her to go to school she cannot cope. She is extremely intelligent, but is so much like her younger brother M who is autistic - I have been told by other professionals involved in M's care that they think she has Aspergers, but because she is under other people's care their opinions don't count and she cannot be seen by them as she is over the cut off point for Paeds in West Yorkshire.

I went to see the GP regarding her and explained the full situation, the GP was not happy with the course that CAHMS are taking and agrees that CAHMS are contradicting themselves. I am sick of being on this roundabout we have been going around in circles for nearly 5 years and no one is helping her, she is getting worse. CAHMS told me this week that they are not prepared to help her unless she either hurts herself or someone else!

My GP is aware of this and I said that I wanted to take her to see a psychologist privately, but the GP has said that she needs to be seen by a Psychiatrist. All professionals involved in my daughters care are aware that her biological uncle has Bipolar with Szchophrenic tendencies, my GP thinks this is relevant, but CAHMS don't? I don't know what to think?

Please if anyone knows of any good psychiatrists for children, I am willing to travel, I am desperate, I don't know how much more my family can take. My younger children are scared of her and scared for her. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help or advice offered

Hugs to all

Thank you

Emzi.k xx

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Posted 05 January 2016 - 11:22 AM

It sounds like you are having a really tough time.


I don't really have any advice, only sympathy with the circularity of things - ds1 sees CAMHS re anxiety, aggression at home and school refusal, was referred to clinical psychologist to assess for other factors, who automatically put him on the waiting list for CAMHS (without seeing him)??? What's more, CAMHS intervention is "time limited" so last session next week... Arrrggh


More and more I realise that help that is there in policies and on paper is quite often non existent or inaccessible.

I hope someone else can help with suggestions. 

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